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We welcome enquiries from college, school, commercial and private libraries looking to deploy Open Source Library Management Systems as a replacement for proprietary systems or as a start up. We particularly want to hear from UK charities who have decided to take over a public library which has been closed by a local authority with consequential loss of management software. We also want to hear from companies wishing to enter the library market with their own branded library system. We currently supply in Africa and the UK and look for expansion there and also in India and other emerging markets.

What is cyberlibrary
CyberLibrary is an Open Source library management system that can be run from anywhere on the internet or an intranet using any modern web browser. The Open Source model reduces operational costs dramatically because no expensive licences are required - in particular from Microsoft. All the server components run on Linux platforms as well as Windows and are freely available on the Internet.

Accessing Cyberlibrary
Any PC or tablet capable of running a modern web browser that has permission to access your network can access Cyberlibrary. No special installation is required on the user's device. All management functions are accessed with login and password and individual functions can be allowed or denied to any particular login name.

Online public access to the catalogue (The OPAC) is normally allowed without a user having to enter a login and password. The Opac is highly optimised for touch screens on tablets and smart phones with a self service option should you wish to allow members of the library to view and update their loan accounts.

Cyberlibrary is designed with an institution library (college, school etc) in mind, but commercial libraries are catered for too. Full mulit-media and free-text retrieval are standard.

If you are running out-dated library systems you are likely paying extremely large support fees. We offer a full conversion service from Heritage - OLib - Alice -Talis etc. So your existing data is immediately available online in Cyberlibrary and your support fees dramitically reduced.

The Open Source Model
The Open Source movement allows application developers to build robust systems using well tried and tested components that are freely available on the Internet. Before Open Source became widespread developers were faced with huge licence fees for such components, with the cost being met eventually by the end user. The most obvious example of a system component is the web browser. All browsers are freely avaiable for download. The Open source model also lets end users, with sufficient skill, tailor systems to their individual needs without the expense of developing from scratch.

Integration with WorldCat Web Services
We are registered developers with WorldCat. Create your library quickly with our integrated Worldcat App. Scan all your isbn's with a barcode reader and our Worldcat App will fully populate your bibliographic database in Cyberlibrary